Family Man Season 3: Shoot Starts in February, Release Expected in 2025


The highly anticipated third season of the popular Indian web series “Family Man” is set to begin shooting in February 2025, with an expected release in the first half of the same year. Fans of the show, which stars the talented actor Manoj Bajpayee, have been eagerly awaiting updates on the upcoming season. During a recent Reddit AMA, Bajpayee provided exciting insights into the progress of “Family Man Season 3” and also discussed his new film “Joram.” In this article, we will delve into the details shared by Bajpayee and explore what fans can expect from the next installment of this thrilling series.

Shooting Schedule and Release Date

According to Manoj Bajpayee, shooting for “Family Man Season 3” is expected to commence by the end of February. The production process is anticipated to take approximately 8-10 months, including post-production. As a result, fans can look forward to the release of the much-awaited season in the first half of 2025. The specific dates are yet to be announced, but the show will continue to stream on Prime Video, the platform that has been home to the previous seasons.

About “Family Man”

“Family Man” is a gripping spy thriller created by the talented director duo Raj and DK. The series follows the life of Srikant Tiwari, played by Manoj Bajpayee, who leads a dual life as a middle-class family man and a highly skilled intelligence officer. The show explores the challenges and dilemmas faced by Srikant as he navigates through dangerous missions while also trying to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life. The series has received critical acclaim for its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and the stellar performance of its cast.

Family Man Season 3: Shoot Starts in February,  Release Expected in 2025
Family Man Season 3: Shoot Starts in February,  Release Expected in 2025

Manoj Bajpayee’s Excitement

During the Reddit AMA, Manoj Bajpayee expressed his excitement about returning to the role of Srikant Tiwari in “Family Man Season 3.” He mentioned how he is looking forward to wearing the costume of the beloved character once again and reuniting with the cast and crew. Bajpayee also shared his enthusiasm for the evolution of the story, as the children of Srikant’s character have grown up, leading to new challenges and tensions. Fans can expect the upcoming season to delve deeper into the complexities of Srikant’s professional and personal life, showcasing the exceptional acting skills of Manoj Bajpayee.

The Success of “Family Man”

“Family Man” has garnered immense popularity and acclaim since its debut. The series has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the life of a spy, its engaging storytelling, and its ability to tackle relevant socio-political issues. The first two seasons received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences, with praise for the tight script, suspenseful plotlines, and the performances of the entire cast. The show has also been lauded for its effective blend of action, drama, and humor, making it a favorite among viewers of all ages.

The Impact of “Family Man”

Beyond its entertainment value, “Family Man” has made a significant impact on the Indian web series landscape. The show has pushed the boundaries of storytelling in the digital medium, setting new standards for production quality, writing, and performances. It has paved the way for more diverse and ambitious projects in the Indian web series space, inspiring other creators to explore unconventional genres and narratives. The success of “Family Man” has also contributed to the growing audience for Indian web series worldwide, further establishing the country’s presence in the global streaming market.

The Storyline and Themes

While specific details about the plot of “Family Man Season 3” are yet to be revealed, the previous seasons provide insights into the themes and storylines that the show might explore. The series has previously delved into politically charged topics, such as terrorism, national security, and the challenges faced by intelligence agencies. It has also touched upon personal conflicts, family dynamics, and the moral dilemmas faced by undercover agents. The upcoming season is expected to continue addressing these themes while introducing new twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Inclusion of Regional Perspectives

One of the standout features of “Family Man” is its commitment to authenticity and regional representation. The show has showcased various parts of India and their unique cultural nuances, contributing to a richer and more diverse narrative. In line with this approach, “Family Man Season 3” is likely to focus on the Northeast region of India, highlighting its complex geopolitics and exploring issues specific to the area. Director duo Raj and DK have emphasized the importance of accurately portraying regional cultures, and the inclusion of local artists from the Northeast is expected to further enhance the authenticity of the show.

The Impact of COVID-19

Like many other productions, the shooting schedule of “Family Man Season 3” may have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis has led to disruptions in the entertainment industry, with lockdowns and safety protocols causing delays in filming and production. However, with the situation improving and the industry gradually resuming operations, the team behind “Family Man” is gearing up to start shooting and deliver another compelling season to the eager audience.

Other Projects and Manoj Bajpayee’s Versatility

Apart from his role in “Family Man,” Manoj Bajpayee has been actively involved in various other projects that showcase his versatility as an actor. In his recent film “Joram,” Bajpayee plays the character of a father on the run with his baby girl, navigating a dangerous world. The actor’s performances in OTT films like “Bandaa” and “Gulmohar” have also been well-received, further solidifying his position as one of the industry’s most talented actors. Fans can look forward to witnessing Bajpayee’s exceptional acting skills not only in “Family Man Season 3” but also in his other upcoming ventures.

Anticipation and Expectations

The announcement of the shooting schedule and expected release of “Family Man Season 3” has created a wave of anticipation among fans. The series has already established a dedicated fanbase who eagerly await the next chapter in the life of Srikant Tiwari. With its compelling storytelling, intense action sequences, and thought-provoking themes, “Family Man” has set the bar high for Indian web series. As the shooting commences and the release date approaches, the excitement surrounding the show is expected to reach new heights.


The wait for “Family Man Season 3” is soon coming to an end as the shooting is set to begin in February 2025. Fans can expect another thrilling and engaging season, filled with the signature blend of action, drama, and humor that has made the show a favorite among viewers. With Manoj Bajpayee leading the cast and the talented director duo Raj and DK at the helm, “Family Man Season 3” is poised to deliver another gripping and memorable viewing experience. Mark your calendars and get ready for the next chapter in the life of Srikant Tiwari and the enthralling world of “Family Man.”