A woman from NYC slaps a visitor after being asked to leave a pet store for kicking puppy cages

After being kicked out of a pet store for kicking cages full of puppies, a woman from New York City slapped a visitor, igniting a national outcry.

Social media is exploding with footage from inside a pet store in New York City, showing a lady beating another customer severely and seemingly without reason.

After the woman kicked puppy cages and was forced to leave the business, violence broke out. Emilio Ortiz, the store manager, captured the event on camera with his phone, and the video is becoming very popular on the internet.

Ortiz walked up to her and told her to get out of the shop. She tried to swat his phone out of his hands in retaliation.

In viral video, a woman from NYC incites fury by striking a tourist without provocation.

Coworkers of Ortiz intervened and attempted to defuse the incident. Nevertheless, it was in fruitless since the woman continued to smack a different customer in the face before leaving the pet store and turning to spit in her direction.

Ortiz claimed that the woman struck the customer so forcefully that her nose began to bleed. “She had a nosebleed, and she was bleeding.” It was her first time in New York, so she was like, extremely upset,” Ortiz said in a statement to the New York Post.

She was a traveler. Imagine just strolling about on your first day in New York when all of a sudden some crazy individual just attacks you,” Ortiz exclaimed, looking shocked.

The puppies inside the kennels that were kicked don’t seem to be hurt.

The woman has not yet been recognized, and no arrests have been made. However, the incident has set off a social media firestorm of fury, with users demanding that the woman be located and charged for the “unprovoked” attack.