Five Full Free International Scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Europe, 2023

Many people dream of pursuing higher education abroad with a scholarship and waiting for the scholarship or scholarship to realize the dream. Many students do not know the simple technique of getting this scholarship. Many people don’t even know where to find scholarships or bursaries.

Many times they don’t even understand the scholarship application process properly. Necessary information in this regard. Some great scholarships are available for Bangladeshi students in some countries worldwide. Let us know about five such prestigious scholarships: Fulbright Scholarship (United States): The word the United States is a dream for Bangladeshis. So it is natural that many people dream of studying in the United States. But where and how to get a scholarship to study in the United States? This tie is big. A US Government scholarship is quite popular among Bangladeshi students and professionals.

This scholarship is awarded by the United States government to internationally talented people from 155 countries. The Fulbright scholarship program began on August 1, 1946. Since its inception, 325,400 Fulbright scholarships have been awarded. Among them, 1 lakh 22 thousand 800 people from the United States and 2 lakh 2 thousand 600 people from other countries participated in this program. About 8,000 people get scholarships from this program every year. Erasmus Mundus Program: The Erasmus Mundus Program scholarship will be useful for Bangladeshi students to study in Europe. Erasmus Mundus is a very popular scholarship program for studying in Europe. The European Union launched this scholarship.

More than 130 Master’s programs to improve communication and understanding between peoples and cultures through academic collaboration to enhance the quality of higher education. It allows students to study for a joint master’s program in at least two European countries. There are more than 130 Masters’s programs in various fields under this scholarship. Notable among these are Agriculture and Veterinary, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction, Health and Welfare, Humanities and Arts, Science, Mathematics and Computing, Social Sciences, Business, Law, etc. Abdul Aziz who graduated from the Department of Journalism of Chittagong University received this scholarship.

He is currently studying Digital Media at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Aziz also studied at the University of Salzburg in Austria and the Brussels Vrij University in Belgium under a joint Masters’s program. Abdul Aziz said this scholarship is a great opportunity for Bangladeshi students in Europe. Students often miss this opportunity due to a lack of necessary information. A good score in IELTS is important for this scholarship. Chevening Scholarship (UK): Chevening Scholarship in the UK is another prestigious scholarship program. This scholarship is offered by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). It is the most important scholarship program of the UK government. This scholarship program was started in 1983.

Chevening Scholarship and Chevening Fellowship are given under this. Scholarships are awarded by the UK Embassy and High Commission. Rajwan Nabeen is studying International Disaster Management at the University of Manchester under the Chevening Scholarship Programme. He said, first of all, the need for scholarships should be realized. Different types of scholarships have different application procedures. Some scholarships are based on academic results, while some scholarships are based on activities. Again, the scholarship is given considering the work experience and leadership ability of the students. Students need to know the application process well.

Rajwan Nabin said, “When applying for the Chevening Scholarship, students have to answer some questions about why they are applying for the scholarship. I tell them, the answer to the question is very important. Apply for the scholarship with sufficient time to apply. Please do not fill out the form in haste. They also want to see your interest and passion for the scholarship program. Commonwealth Scholarships: Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are open to students from Commonwealth countries. This scholarship is given to students from Commonwealth countries who will make a significant contribution back home after completing their higher education in the UK. They facilitate the completion of a one-year Masters or equivalent course and a three- or four-year doctoral degree. This package includes international travel, tuition fees, necessary maintenance, and other allowances. Under this scholarship, there are opportunities to study engineering and technology, science (pure and applied) agriculture, humanities, and social sciences. More details about this scholarship can be found on the website of the British Council and University Grants Commission.

Australian Awards: The Australian Awards is a prestigious scholarship program run by the Australian Government. The country’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Education, and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) run a range of joint government initiatives including scholarships and fellowships. The Australian Awards program supports study, research, and professional development in Australia and achieves high levels of success in peer countries. Under the scholarship, the student is given the assistance of five thousand dollars including tuition fees, air travel, institution allowance, and other benefits.