Brush Fires in La Follette and Jacksboro: A Night of Intense Flames


In the quiet towns of La Follette and Jacksboro, Tennessee, a series of devastating brush fires broke out on a fateful Tuesday night and continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning. These fires, fueled by strong winds, posed a significant challenge to the local fire departments and resulted in a massive joint effort to contain the flames. This article delves into the events surrounding the brush fires, the heroic efforts of the firefighters, and the impact on the communities.

The First Call: White Rock Road

The first distress call came in at 8:02pm on Tuesday, alerting Central Dispatch to a raging fire on White Rock Road, situated in Jacksboro, just off Mt. Zion Road. The fire quickly engulfed the area, burning seven acres of land. The high winds exacerbated the situation, making it difficult for firefighters to contain the flames. Despite the challenging conditions, they were able to save several homes, although two outbuildings were lost to the inferno.

The Campbell County Rural Fire Service (CCRFS) took the lead in battling the blaze, with assistance from the fire departments of Caryville, Jacksboro, and La Follette. The State Forestry Service and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the scene, lending their expertise and support.

Brush Fires in La Follette and Jacksboro: A Night of Intense Flames
Brush Fires in La Follette and Jacksboro: A Night of Intense Flames

The Bankston Lane Fire

While firefighters were still tackling the White Rock Road fire, another emergency call came in at around 10:30pm. This time, the fire was reported on Bankston Lane, located outside Demory near Norris Lake. The flames threatened to consume the area, but the quick response and coordinated efforts of the CCRFS firefighters prevented any major damage. They managed to contain the fire to a half acre and saved an outbuilding from destruction. By midnight, the situation was under control, and the firefighters could finally leave the scene.

The Third Fire: Hiawassee at Jacksboro

As the night wore on, a third brush fire erupted at around 2:25am on Wednesday. This time, the fire originated off of Hiawassee at Jacksboro. The CCRFS swiftly deployed their resources to the scene and contained the fire to approximately half an acre. Despite the challenging conditions and exhaustion from battling multiple fires, the firefighters demonstrated their unwavering dedication and effectively brought the situation under control.

Brush Fires in La Follette and Jacksboro: A Night of Intense Flames
Brush Fires in La Follette and Jacksboro: A Night of Intense Flames

The Impact of High Winds

The high winds that swept through the region played a significant role in the rapid spread and intensity of the brush fires. Downed power lines were identified as the likely cause of the fires on both White Rock Road and Hiawassee. These strong gusts created an environment where the flames could easily jump from one area to another, increasing the difficulty of containment. However, the combined efforts of the fire departments and the favorable weather conditions eventually allowed them to gain the upper hand.

A Testament to Heroism

Throughout the night, the firefighters faced immense challenges, both from the ferocity of the flames and the adverse weather conditions. Captain Daniel Lawson, representing the Campbell County Rural Fire Service, praised the bravery and dedication of his team. He acknowledged that the high winds presented a substantial obstacle but emphasized that their primary focus was on ensuring the safety of the residents and protecting their homes.

Lawson also expressed gratitude for the mutual aid received from neighboring fire departments, including Caryville, Jacksboro, and La Follette. The collaboration between these departments and the State Forestry Service was instrumental in successfully containing the fires and minimizing the damage.

The Toll of the Fires

Despite the magnitude of the brush fires, remarkably, no injuries were reported. The swift response and effective coordination of the firefighters prevented any harm to residents or responders. However, two outbuildings were lost to the flames on White Rock Road. The exact extent of the damage to the natural environment is yet to be determined, but the response teams are working diligently to assess the impact and implement necessary measures for recovery.

Community Support and Resilience

The communities of La Follette and Jacksboro rallied together in the face of adversity. Local residents, witnessing the efforts of the firefighters, provided support in various forms. From offering food and beverages to expressing their gratitude through social media, the community’s unity and resilience shone through amidst the chaos. The brush fires served as a stark reminder of the importance of preparedness and community spirit in times of crisis.


The brush fires that ravaged La Follette and Jacksboro on that fateful night left a lasting impact on the communities. The heroism and dedication displayed by the firefighters, along with the support of the community, were instrumental in mitigating the damage caused by the flames. Although challenges arose from the high winds, the joint efforts of the fire departments, State Forestry Service, and law enforcement agencies ensured that no lives were lost. The communities of La Follette and Jacksboro emerged from the incident with a renewed sense of unity and resilience, ready to face any future challenges together.

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